Lo Si   |   Bio

Lo Si was born in Hebei on March 26, 1994, and a few years later with his family moved to St. Petersburg. In 2006, he entered Saint-Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. In 2012 Si was accepted to Imperial Academy of Arts named after I. Repin at the painting department without competition. In 2018 Si graduated from  the faculty of easel painting under the direction of H.V. Savkuev.

Participation in exhibitions:
2014 - Personal exhibition in the Russian Cultural Center at the Consulate of Russia in Beijing.
2016 - Exhibition in Shanghai
2016 - China's State Exhibition "Exhibition of Overseas Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy", where Lo Si was the only representative of Russia and the youngest of all Chinese artists from around the world.
2017 - “Chinese Army. Exhibition of modern Chinese artists." Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg.
2017 - Workshop 2017 "Where no one dreams of dreams: from sacred geography to non-place." MMOMA, Moscow.
2017 - The exhibition "Angst". Gallery "Triumph", Moscow.
2018 - The exhibition "Attraction". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg.
2018 - International Exhibition "Overcoming". Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg.
2019 - Personal exhibition "Turgenev". Academy of Arts. I.E. Repin. St. Petersburg.

Lo Si's works are kept in private collections and museums in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chendu, Suzhou, Tangshan), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Japan (Tokyo).