Gato Dkach   |   Bio

His Master's Voice (detail)

Born in Zoug, Switzerland.
He creates his artworkz on his journey through the inner and outer worldz

1970/71  lived in America; travels to Canada and Mexico.
1985/86  travels in India.
1991-96  lived in South Africa; travels to Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe,
                 travels to Singapore, India and Nepal.
1996-99  extensive travels to America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India,                       Bangladesh, South Africa, Mauritius and to the UK and Europe.
2003  Travel to Thailand and Myanmar.
2012   travels to the Middle East (Dubai, Bahrain), South Africa, Botswana                  and Mauritius.
2014   travels in India.
2019   travels to Singapore, Australia and India.