Edgar Invoker   |   Bio

born 17.03.1977 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. 

I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and 
Architecture, Master of Arts,  2007. 

Solo Exhibitions: 


2018 - Studio 212, “Perekodirovka”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


2017 - Metropolis gallery, “Point of perception”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


2016 - Creative space ART-MUZA, “Crossroad of Dreams”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 

2013 - Art space The Sea, “BLCK CUBE”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


2013 - Art space The Sea, "Invoker's Dreams". Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 



Group Exhibitions: 


2018 - Hermitage-Vyborg Center, “Our Petersburg”. Vyborg, Russia. 


2018 - “Salón Internacional de Arte y Turismo UNESCO Melilla 2018”. Melilla, Spain. 


2018 - Coimbra House Culture and Edifício Chiado Museum, “International Surrealism Now 2018”. Coimbra, Portugal. 

2017 - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, “Affordable Art Hong Kong 2017” 
(Stand C07 - "I love art gallery", Saint-Petersburg). Wan Chai,​  ​ Hong Kong. 


2016 - Exhibition Hall Museum of Urban Sculpture, "Archaic. Contemporary artists about primitive art". 
Saint-Petersburg , Russia. 


2016 - Gallery Ludwig, “Chaostrophy :artworks inspired by the music and history of the band Coil”. Berlin, Germany. 


2016 - Bissaya Barreto Foundation-Particula Space, “International Surrealism  Now”.  Coimbra, Portugal. 


2016 - Galeria Particula, “International Surrealism Now”. Coimbra, Portugal. 


2015 - A Galeria da Antiga Capitania do Porto de Aveiro -Museu da Cidade de Aveiro, “International Surrealism Now”. Aveiro, Portugal. 


2014 - Gallery Vieira Portu, “International Surrealism Now”. Porto, Portugal. 


2014 - Gallery Artist's studio, “Opening creative space "ARTMUZA" an exhibition of works by young artists”. 
Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 


2014 - Art space FREEDOM, “Dali Fest Spb”. Saint-Petersburg , Russia. 


2013 - Galeria EMMA, “especial Arco”. Madrid, Spain. 


2013 - Exhibition Hall Museum of Urban Sculpture, “Art Anfas Japan: tradition and modernity”. Saint-Petersburg , Russia. 

2013 - Art Gallery CA, “International SurrealisM NoW”. Lisbon, Portugal. 


2012 - "The Miami Art Expo", #505 booth, EMMA Gallery, Madrid. Miami, USA. 

2012 - Art space Plum Palm, International Vanguard-Surrealistic-Esoteric 

Art-Show “GEYSERS OF SUBCONSCIOUSNESS-8”. Moscow, Russia. 


2012 - Galeria EMMA, “Surrealismo Ibero Ruso”. Madrid, Spain. 




 Works held in private collections in Russia, Spain and Switzerland. 




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(literary journal sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences at American University in Washington, D. C.) Washington, USA. 


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